Jess Douglas

20 May 2009

Jess Douglas sent us a note the other day. Thanks for the link!

Popshot Magazine

19 May 2009

Popshot is a poetry and illustration magazine gently intent on hoodwinking poetry back from the clammy hands of tweed jackets and school anthologies. It is not a namedrop session or a further attempt to immortalize the great poets of days gone by. We are here to showcase the poetry of today and tomorrow with the whimsical arms of illustration wrapped tightly round it. We are of the thought that the future of poetry is even more exciting than the past.

New Creative Review

18 May 2009

Creative Review just launched their new and improved site.

Official Classic updates with some new meticulously crafted vector sets. Also look for some of their fonts on HyprForType, which is launching in 1 day, and counting.

Bb 2.0

18 May 2009

Bb 2.0

Bb is a collaborative music project pulling in feeds from YouTube. Check it out.

Olof Bruce

17 May 2009

Olof Bruceinvisible cities

Boris Bonev

15 May 2009


Something different, Typography from a Bulgarian, Boris Bonev.

Amélie Doistau

14 May 2009

amelie doistau, samuel beckette

Joel Trussel

13 May 2009

Joel Trussel

Awesome site that is engaging without getting in the way and illustration that is even more awesome. Check out the work of Joel Trussel.

Design Smoke

13 May 2009

Design Smoke, presented by Spunk Design in Minneapolis, is a webisode series that engages innovators in the worlds of Design, Culture and Invention. They interview everyone from photographers and designers to fire starters and window dressers, aiming to explore a broad cross-section of individuals through relaxed conversation.

Current webisodes with:

Steven Heller
Demetrios Argyropoulos
Jon Forss
Aaron Pollock
Steve Rife
Michael Cina
Sarah Nelson Forss
Bill Thorburn
Katie Kirk & Nathan Stranberg
Craig Duffney