31 May 2009

Carl Bender is a very recent grad from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Great work, thanks for the link!

David Lynch and his son Austin and his friend Jason took a 20,000 mile road trip across the US and shot 4-5 minute interviews with 121 strangers they met along the way. The project airs Monday on davidlynch.com, where there will be a new episode every 3 days. Catch the trailer, which is up now…

Gotta Moo

29 May 2009

For Narani Kannan’s final-year project at Ontario College of Art & Design, she designed and conceptualized an eco-friendly dairy product line called Gotta Moo. There’s so much I love about this project… every detail down to the “Sugarcane Bagasse molded pulp paper” has been carefully considered. She’s obviously on her way to being a design superstar. See more of her work on Behance.


29 May 2009


If you follow design for some years you see collaborations and new studios form between talented people. PIPI combines the styles of Alain Rodriguez and Raphaël Garnier. A good match.

Seth Godin: Tribes

28 May 2009

Fascinating speech by Seth Godin on his theory of tribes in modern day society.

Daniel Baer

28 May 2009

Swiss-born Daniel Baer specializes in editorial, book, advertising and packaging design. He’s an Art Director for 8 Magazine.


27 May 2009

This is a long overdue mention of Neasden Control Centre out of the UK. They create amazing design, art, exhibitions, installations, etc etc.

Jorge Colombo drew the latest cover of The New Yorker using the iPhone app Brushes. Pretty darn good, considering. New Yorker article with video here. Via CR.

Non-Format : Peroxide

27 May 2009

Non Format

Insanely beautiful new work by Non-Format for S magazine.

Hoy everybody , myself and Simon just finished our music video for my band the dead pirates.
It’s been produced by the Mill and we had the chance to get some big help from Dr Mushroom , Mooe and Asterokid .
It took us 3 month to do it , with a mix of 3d and 2d , including the recording of the song .
We seriously hope you enjoy it .