21 April 2009

Dualform is Cyrill Clunev, designer/ art director from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Chris Cunningham > Gucci

21 April 2009

I’m always fascinated to hear what Chris Cunningham is up to. Most recently he directed a commercial for Gucci’s Flora. More can be found about his recent activities in this interview in the new Vice.

Baysan Yüksel

21 April 2009

Turkish artist Baysan Yüksel.

Synth Eastwood

20 April 2009

Synth Eastwood is accepting submissions for their upcoming show in Dublin. The current brief is “HOMEMADE”. The show will be taking place on May 15, 2009. Closing date for entries is May 4. For a quick view of past shows, check out the reel.

Established in 2006 Synth Eastwood is a Dublin based music, art & technology group. Our aim is to present creative work from around the world in an atmosphere more akin to a gig than an exhibition. This is done by inviting artists of every field and level of experience to submit work based on a theme/brief we set. All relevant work is welcomed and exhibited at no cost* to the artist.

Matthew The Horse

20 April 2009

Received an email from Matthew Hodson the other day, aka Matthew The Horse. I especially love the Poetry/ Handdryers section. Thanks for the link.


17 April 2009

Those smoky swashes came to my attention today. Great font from Canada Type finally available for retail (some of you may already know of Memoriam via New York Times Magazine). Similar extreme display contrast as Mommie.

Lapin adds a few fresh updates.

Arnaud Lajeunie

16 April 2009



New York based design studio, Project Projects, have updated their website with a fresh design & loads of great new work.  I remember reading awhile back that they had been planning this redesign, so it’s quite exciting to finally see its launch.


14 April 2009



I completed an interview with Byggstudio back in 2006 for a zine, but never published it. I feel like I owe them a bit so I present their work here. I hope you like their down-to-earth direction as much as I do.