17 March 2009

Jenny Holzer has a new exhibition which just opened at the Whitney in New York. PROTECT PROTECT is one of her largest exhibits in the US in over 15 years. I had a chance to see her work while it was here at the MCA Chicago, and it was quite a sight. There’s an interesting interview with Holzer about the exhibit at New York Press.

The Book Cover Archive

16 March 2009


The Book Cover Archive “For The Purpose Of Appreciation And Categorization”. They’re open to submissions, so go ahead and let them know. If you’re looking for something older, then check Joe Kral’s Flickr page for old Penguin and Pelican book covers.

Miika Saksi updates

16 March 2009

Nice little Spring update from Miika Saksi.

Peter Saville speaks at the D&AD President’s Lecture – 12 March. More in this series here.


14 March 2009

Such cool work from 1:2:3 out of Stockholm. I especially like some of their video work, activism / white spheres on black background.

mi babui

14 March 2009

Great illustration work by Mi Bubui – Uruguay.

High five, us

13 March 2009

We’ve recently hit our one-year mark! It took us over a month to get 100,000 hits starting out, now we’re averaging more than that daily, and growing quickly. So thank you for visiting and thanks for all the submissions. Stay tuned for some fancy new updates and features.

High Five

Pitchfork = new

13 March 2009

Pitchfork gets a sexy clean makeover. Site design and identity by Tangible.

Sophie Henson updates

13 March 2009

New work from Sophie Henson.

Benoit Santiard

12 March 2009

benoit santiard

benoit santiard

Type design “Capitale” by Benoit Santiard