20 March 2009

Kike Besada got in touch with some incredible web design and illustration, and a nice little client list… Diesel, Nokia, Smirnoff, Mercedes.

Honey & Bloom

20 March 2009

Honey & Bloom started by Becky Hui Chan, San Francisco. Gorgeous patterns and typography.

Carbon nanotube muscles

19 March 2009

Carbon nanotube muscles. Strong as steel, more flexible than rubber, lighter than air and incredibly fast.

Karl Grandin

19 March 2009

Some new work up by Karl Grandin.

Moises Saman

19 March 2009




Amazing photojournalism by Moises Saman.

Droga5 got in touch today to tell us about their (insanely cool) new spots for PUMA Lift shoes. Agency: Droga5. Directed by Rupert Sanders with assistance from Fatima Robinson (choreography) and James Chinlund (production design). VFX by MassMarket. Music by Magnetic Fields.


18 March 2009

Animation studio from Buenos Aires. Check out this recent spot for AXN Film Festival.

Whether it’s him or not, hilarious.

Andy Warhol paints Debbie Harry using an Amiga computer at the Commodore Amiga product launch press conference in 1985. The actual written interview from this can be downloaded from Artnode here.

Real Normal

17 March 2009





Real Normal is a group of SAIC students posting on a blog of the same name. They will be having a big show this Friday, called “Magic Carpet” and you really must go if you are in the Chicago area. Arend (who I’ve posted here before), Aylor, Bailey and Carson create smart, young and fresh work that walks this weird little line between irreverance and familiarity.

Magic Carpet
Sullivan Galleries
33 South State Street, 7th Floor

Opening Reception March 20th, 7pm – 10pm