Cowboys and Indians

03 October 2008


In the corporate world, which would you be a cowboy or an Indian? Both are brave, both are rebels, tricky, and both… are heroes.

The stylized work by artist Matt Clark, aka HOUSTON, has a playfulness remnant of a nostalgic Nonconformist who is stuck in Capitalism with the mantra, The biggest troublemaker you’ll probably ever have to deal with watches you shave his face in the mirror every morning”.

Pink blood? Hatchets? Targets? Arrows? Gas masks? You be the judge.

Suite 100 Hampton and MalleusSuite 100 Malleus

If you could stick a pen in your heart, and let the blood spill out all over a page, what would it look like?

You can see for yourself at the upcoming art show with illustrators Justin Hampton and Malleus (a trio from Italy); some of music’s most popular iconic rock artists to date. The show opens this Saturday, October 4th at Suite 100 Gallery in Seattle, and all the artists will be in attendance.

Get ready for a show so divine, it might make you break down and cry.

Torafu Architects

02 October 2008

torafu architects

Gemma Booth

01 October 2008






Lovely photography by Gemma Booth.



Santa Fe Tops

Looking for a new sweet recipe to ease the bitterness of todays headlines?

Try this:

Take several photographs: (An image, especially a positive print, recorded by a camera and reproduced on a photosensitive surface).

Half dozen or so layers: (A single thickness of a material covering a surface or forming an overlying part or segment).

Mix it all up with biota: (The animals, plants, fungi, etc., of a region or period).

Voila, here is your dessert: the ambrosial exhale of stunning works by Doug Fogelson. Now go on and face your day!






Program for performances at Gessnerallee in Zürich. I like the offset-printed marker show through.

Ross Garrett

01 October 2008

Terraplane 1

Terraplane 2

Ross Garrett – Photographer based in Johannesburg