12 September 2008



Super surreal and creative work out of Melbourne. tin&ed is Tin Nguyen and Edward Cutting.

Design Is The Norm

12 September 2008


Norman Ibarra is new to New York and is looking for work. Nice work, especially the typeface, Mexico, shown above.


09 September 2008


08 September 2008

The Penrose Annual

08 September 2008

photo by acejet 170

The Penrose Annual was a hefty hard-cover bound annual that covered the latest and greatest print technology from 1895 to 1982. If you can get one on eBay, do so. Many issues are packed with dozens of color plates, special inks, embossings and other ephemera that exhibit the brilliant craft of the pressman. The 1938 edition by Jan Tschichold is particularly desirable…

More photos by ACEJET 170

Pomme Chan

07 September 2008



Really great illustrations from Pomme Chan, originally from Bangkok, now resides in the UK.

Rafaël Rozendaal

05 September 2008

The digital artwork of Rafaël Rozendaal. Brilliant!

Rafaël Rozendaal 

Concrete Building Printers

03 September 2008


“Most readers will be aware of so-called “3D printing” techniques, in which solid objects can be constructed automatically from computer models. Researchers in California intend to scale the process up radically, using “contour crafting” concrete extrusion to erect buildings in a matter of hours.”

Ricardo Beltran

03 September 2008


Nice work by Ricardo Beltran.

Sacha Federowsky

03 September 2008


Interesting work from French photographer Sacha Federowsky.