Xavier Antin

22 July 2008

Xavier Antin

For those who doesn’t know Xavier Antin , this parisian graphic designer have some excellents works.

Hey Ho

22 July 2008

Hey Ho

Julien Hourcade & Thomas Petitjean from Hey Ho have a great clean style.


22 July 2008


Really nice works from Six


21 July 2008




Toko started in The Netherlands and is now based out of Sydney. These shots are from an annual report they designed. Here’s the description – [Client]: we don’t want an ordinary report! Can you make it more arty? So we did, literally. We turned the graphs into works of art. Every page displays a visual which can be read as a graph or seen as a work of art. Some of the graphs were also presented on actual canvas.

Non-Format updates

20 July 2008


Non-Format updates with some seriously cool work.


19 July 2008




HelloMe™ is the work of Till Wiedeck from Germany. Really slick and diverse portfolio.

Swede pop

19 July 2008


Recently been getting into this catchy pop record by Stockholm’s Andreas Kleerup. This is his solo debut, Kleerup. Besides having cool hair, he’s worked along side and produced for Robyn, Peter Bjorn and John, and is a member of the electropop trio the Meat Boys. Wiki.


Spike Press

16 July 2008

Spike Press

John Solimine of Spike Press talks about show posters and comic books in this great video presented by the Coudal Partners. John was commissioned as part of their Field-Tested Books project.


New Radiohead video, which uses no cameras. Instead they used a 3D technology some researchers at UCLA have been developing, that collects information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The screenshot above is from the interactive version of the video, and here’s the making of.


14 July 2008



Adam and Sébastien first met during their intership at Studio Dumbar in The Hague in spring 2002. They met again incidentally the same year in Lausanne (Sébastien’s hometown), where Adam made a one year scholarship at Ecal. After working on few projects together, they established Welcometo.as in 2004.