Reel Geezers

15 June 2008

Old people are great. Especially these ones.


14 June 2008


Great work and great site dy Danish design studio DesignBolaget.

Sorry, Out of Gas

12 June 2008



I recently read this book about 1970s alternative energy ideas. The content is very relevant today, plus it’s nicely designed with an illustrated story by Harriet Russell. Here’s a good review to check out.

Stephanie DeArmond

12 June 2008


Stephanie´s ceramic artwork is really charming and beautiful.
Visit her site now.


12 June 2008

Jan-Henri Booyens

10 June 2008

Jan-Henri Booyens

The Matt Sparkle, a solo exhibition by Jan-Henri Booyens, opens this week in Johannesburg.

Gabriel Jones Irhann

Brooklyn-based, french-canadian photographer, Gabriel Jones has a new show opening this Thursday entitled “Irhann”, a playful and mysterious look into failed nuclear weaponry. June 12, 6-9pm at the Priska Juschika Gallery, 547 West 27th Street, New York, NY.

Ryu Itadani

09 June 2008


Really cool illustrations from a Japan born and based  artist.
Ryu Itadani.

the Jean Spezial

09 June 2008


yay my first post !

I wanted it to be special , so here you go , those guys are so special …
This is a collective of french illustrators , they’ve got a new website wich is really cool so have a look at their AMAZING work HERE

I hope you enjoy


08 June 2008


Some slick logo design from Jeremy Evans, New Zealander living in Östersund, Sweden.