Andrew Holder

12 May 2008


Andrew Holder from California.


We’ve decided to open our site up to individuals who share similar interests as us who would like to contribute content to The Strange Attractor. Like a lot of blogs, we get a ton of hits from Europe and Asia and all over, and we’re hoping to get a few foreigners on board, as well as locals – everyone is invited.

If interested, send us 5 links you’d post on TSA, a link to your personal site or blog if you have one, the city / country you are writing from, and a bit about yourself. Send to join [at]

Timothy Saccenti

11 May 2008


Timothy Saccenti is a photographer from NYC. He does a lot of portraiture work mostly for bands, but has recently been directing music videos. Check out this one he did for the band Battles (snapshot of the set above).


Dean Kamen shows off his insanely cool water purifying machine on the Colbert Report.

Crash Ballet

10 May 2008

Video from the Coudal remix contest. Via Monoscope.

Von Südenfed

10 May 2008


Von Südenfed is a collaborative project between Mouse On Mars and Mark E Smith, the lead singer from The Fall. This is their 1st album – Tromantic Reflexxions.

Fledermaus Can’t Get It

Kyoko Masutani

10 May 2008

Short documentary about Japanese artist Kyoko Masutani and her recent work.

Augusto Giovanetti

09 May 2008



Really very nice collagey illustrations over at prrr!

Mimiyo Tomozawa

09 May 2008


Mimiyo Tomozawa is big in the underground Japanese comic world, but is probably best known by people like me for designing a couple of album covers for Jim O’Rourke. I think her work is hilarious. Some equally strange music from her band Dokidoki can be found here.

The Small Stakes

08 May 2008


Jason Munn from Oakland. All of his posters are also for sale here.