Steve Albini interview

23 April 2008


Great interview from TSOYA with Steve Albini (responsible for arguably the best production in music – i.e. Nirvana, Pixies, Don Caballero, etc). Kind of long, but really worth the listen.

Here’s an excerpt:

“There was one really industrious fellow who collected a jar with his phlegm, and saturated a brick with it, and threw the brick at me.”

And if you’re interested to read about the process in which major labels rape the music industry, check out this poignant article by Albini: “The Problem With Music“.

There’s also a great new documentary out on Gervais – “New Hero of Comedy“.

Alex Trochut

23 April 2008

Call for entries

22 April 2008


I’ve been digging around looking for some of the better design contests calling for entries right now. Here’s a list I have so far. I’m sure this is far from complete for 08… if you know of any others feel free to comment.

Allmightys and PopDeck – Out and About
Deadline: April 25

AIGA – Get Out the Vote 2008
Deadline: May 1

HUGO Create – Music & Nightlife
Deadline: May 5, July 5, Sept 5

Diesel Wall 2008
deadline: May 12, May 18, July 11

Emporio Armani Advertising Contest
Deadline: May 15

Wolda 08 – Logo Annual
Deadline: May 20

Ten Images for Ithaca 2008
Deadline: May 31

ADC Young Guns 6
Deadline: June 2

FL@33 – Book of Postcards
Deadline: July 16

Textile Republic
Deadline: ongoing


22 April 2008



Rob Brearley from Leeds, England. This was a launch poster for PlayStation 3.

Hyper Island

22 April 2008

We have been asked to participate in streaming a video for Hyper Island School of Design in Sweden. This is the 2nd in a series of 10 being released exclusively to a few sites, including ours. The purpose is to create some buzz for their Diploma Program for English speaking people.

“In this video, current students at Hyper Island talk about what they think is unique with their education, their learning from Hyper and what they are currently working on.”

For more on Hyper Island go to their site / blog. The first video in this series can be seen at FormFiftyFive.

Justin Thomas Kay

21 April 2008


From Zoo York skate deck graphics to Car & Driver magazine redesign, this guy has quite a diverse set of styles, and they’re all good.

Great flickr set

21 April 2008


100s of nonsensical images for your enjoyment.

Steven Knodel

21 April 2008


This guy rocks.


Vast online catalog of illustrations, publications, and manuscripts from Darwin’s career. He was a pretty amazing illustrator.