Julia Hoffmann

30 April 2008


Great designer with a top notch resumé: Doyle Partners, Pentagram, and currently an interactive designer with Crispin Porter + Bogusky here in Boulder. Originally from Frankfurt.

This book is really well done. It’s designed to look like a high school text book, right down to the cheesy diagrams. I especially like the fact that it was banned from Wal-Mart, just goes to show how politically charged some of these big corporations are. Even if it was due in part to the fact that all the justices of the Supreme Court were shown nude on page 99…

More on this book – I.D. ‘Best of’ article.

Karl Pilkington

30 April 2008

To follow up the Ricky Gervais post, here’s one with his prodigy Karl Pilkington. Karl is best known for being the ‘simpleton’ on The Ricky Gervais Show. The 1st season of which was awarded the Guinness World Record for most downloaded podcast. Available at audible.com.

Chris Silas Neal

29 April 2008


Chris Silas Neal is an illustrator/designer from Brooklyn. Really nice work… find a few of his prints for sale here.


29 April 2008


Superexpresso is Michele Angelo from Barcelona.

Vector Park

29 April 2008


Fun little flash artwork from Patrick Smith.

Damien Poulain

29 April 2008


French designer and art director, resides in London. This is a design for the magazine Unglo.

Daniel Dociu

28 April 2008


Daniel Dociu is chief art director for ArenaNet, who does video game design for Guild Wars among others. This is some of his concept art.

Discovered through BLDGBLOG where there’s an in-depth interview with the artist.

Hubble turns 18

28 April 2008


Commemorating Hubble’s 18th Birthday, Nasa has released a collection of 59 images – colliding galaxies.


28 April 2008


Design studio from Buenos Aries.

En Bloc.

28 April 2008


Ben Atkins from Essex, England.