Raking Leaves in the Wind

15 October 2008


Our friend Eve Duhamel sent us a note letting us know about her new exhibition happening Oct 29 in Berlin. It features her work along with Julien Vallée and Brent Wadden. More info can be found at eveduhamel.com.


14 October 2008





Nathan over at Intercity got in touch today with some news about a new exhibition by Converse.

As part of the global PRODUCT RED project and in association with the Dondi White Foundation, “Converse have approached 100 artists, each to design a shoe. The project has just launched in the UK with an exhibition of some of the original artist shoes currently at Size? sneaker store in Carnaby Street. Some artists hand-painted their shoes as references for the production versions – and both instances of these (original and production shoes) are currently being shown at the exhibition.

Artists and designers include both established names and fresh talent – the likes of Jeremyville, Ben Drury, Chris Bettig, Lupe Fiasco, Grandpeople, Jeff Hamada, Gary Hume, Rostarr, and many more…”

Suite 100 Hampton and MalleusSuite 100 Malleus

If you could stick a pen in your heart, and let the blood spill out all over a page, what would it look like?

You can see for yourself at the upcoming art show with illustrators Justin Hampton and Malleus (a trio from Italy); some of music’s most popular iconic rock artists to date. The show opens this Saturday, October 4th at Suite 100 Gallery in Seattle, and all the artists will be in attendance.

Get ready for a show so divine, it might make you break down and cry.

Chris Crites

28 September 2008

Chris Crites paints beautiful work on paper bags. He has a joint show with fellow Seattle artist Robert Hardgrave coming up at The Life in Portland, OR on October 2nd.

Bag PainterBag PainterBag Painter

Simon Henwood

18 August 2008

roisin.jpg taught.jpg 
The work of artist Simon Henwood 

Michael MacGarry

24 July 2008

All Theory No Practice

All Theory No Practice

Michael MacGarry is a visual artist based in Johannesburg. His work concerns the ongoing consequences of imperialism within Africa. When enough people start saying the same thing opened on the 16th of July.

A Celebration of June

07 July 2008


We’ve been asked to throw up a small mention for an upcoming poster exhibition held by the London College of Communication.

The exhibition displays 30 A1 posters produced by 30 creative individuals from throughout Europe, each offering their own interpretation of a day in June. As a collective the posters present a unique insight into the month of June, covering a variety of creative disciplines and providing a range of personalized approaches.

Full details here.

Amanda Visell

26 June 2008


Talented illustrator Amanda Visell.
Also check out her latest solo exhibition ‘Tic Toc Apocalypse‘ at M Modern gallery.

One Vote

23 June 2008

One Vote

Please join us for an unofficial election and exhibition of prints by Zimbabwean artist Kudzanai Chiurai.
Come and cast your vote of no confidence in the Zimbabwe elections. What happens in Zimbabwe affects us all.

The Gift Cycle

17 June 2008

Gift Cycle

The Gift Cycle arrives in Brooklyn tonight. The Gift Cycle is a cross-country bike project that brings art by local artists to the rest of the nation along a 3,000 mile ride.