Alyssa Pheobus

11 February 2009



Alyssa Pheobus has a nice show at Bellwether Gallery in New York through February 21st.

Erika Koutný

26 January 2009

Erika Koutný

Erika Koutný

Erika says:


To cause to be different.
To give a completely different form or appearance to; transform.
To give and receive reciprocally; interchange.
To transfer from (one conveyance) to another.
To put a fresh covering on.

Antoine + Manuel

19 January 2009







Antoine + Manuel exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs of Paris, it is the opportunity to rediscover the amazing work of this two talented graphics designers.

Francis Alÿs

09 January 2009



Francis Alÿs is a Belgian contemporary artist living in Mexico City. Above are stills from the short movie Paradox of Praxis 1, where Alÿs pushes a block of ice through the streets of Mexico City until it melts; serving as a way to mark time and measure existence. More on the artist.

James Meyer, Culture Hero 2, 2008, Ink and gesso on paper, 30 x 44 inches

Culture Hero“, a solo exhibition of paintings and works on paper by veteran artist James Meyer opens, Thursday January 8 in New York City at the Morgan Lehman Gallery in the Chelsea arts district. It is not to be missed.

A unique body of work, the “Culture Hero” exhibit features pieces in black and white that are reminiscent of constellations in space. Imagine lying on a hill one dark evening staring into the stars and you see a boy crying, then another child shushing you and yet another, balancing on a rope.

Emotions work in complex ways that as adults we often fail to acknowledge. The open hearts of children frequently show us how precious every instinctive state of mind is. They also show us the joy in being. This presentation of seemingly simple content is in actuality revealing of the challenges of being an adult in todays culture. We all need a hero, why not our own inner child?

For more information and images from the exhibition, please visit :

Valerie Hegarty

08 December 2008




Simply loving the work of Valerie Hegarty.


03 December 2008

Swiss team FULGURO from Lausanne makes some amazing designs.

Deck of Kings

21 November 2008


Chicago folk – check out this exhibit tonight. Includes an indoor skatepark from the sound of things. More info here.

Islands Fold

27 October 2008




Another good publisher I saw at the NY Art Book Fair: Islands Fold.


26 October 2008



I went to the NY Art Book Fair this weekend and picked up a nice copy of Frédéric Magazine published by Bongout in Berlin. They were definitely one of my favorite publishers at the show… fantastic, original work.