Siggi Odds

12 August 2009


Although Siggi Odds hasn’t updated in a little while, I’m still really enjoying his ability to produce interesting type and image, usually with a good amount of experimentation. He’s in Iceland and makes really great work.

Micah Max

07 August 2009

Micah Max Schmiedeskamp from Omaha, Nebraska.

Gavillet & Rust

30 July 2009




Swiss typography masters Gilles Gavillet & David Rust deserve a post. They are responsible for the type foundry Optimo, as well as the brand identities for publisher JRP|Ringier and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

Behind Typeradio

30 July 2009

We recently got a note from Blocter who just uploaded a short video/interview with the people behind Typeradio – the very cool radio channel (podcast) on type & design.

Nicolas Malinowsky

24 July 2009

Nicolas Malinowsky

Nicolas Malinowsky is a very talented graphic designer and illustrator based in Paris and member of Ill-Studio.

Stephane Elbaz

22 July 2009

Stephane Elbaz

Talented French designer Stephane Elbaz working in New York

ippolito fleitz group

15 July 2009

Axel Knapp is a graphic designer and art director working and living in Stuttgart specializing in brand identity, typography, print design and website design. He is currently working at the multidisciplinary design studio ippolito fleitz group.


05 July 2009

Ben Lee from London.

Evan Meister

30 June 2009



Evan Meister makes some really incredible work.

Sergio Alves

30 June 2009

Sergio Alves is a designer from Portugal with some nice work. Thanks for the link!