28 September 2009

We received an email from Simon Renaud of Atelier Aquarium. They have a lot of interesting experimental typographic work on their site.

Guilherme Falcao

23 September 2009




New site and work by Guilherme Falcao from Brazil.


16 September 2009

New type design project from Effektive.

There’s a little inside look at Geoff‘s studio and the titles he’s working on for the trailer/movie. More pics at the Where The Wild Things Are blog, We Love You So.


10 September 2009

Recently received an email from Julien (last name unknown), aka Plasticbionic – 26 y.o. from Nantes, France. Thanks for the link.

Andrei D Robu

08 September 2009

Just received an email from Romanian artist Andrei Robu. He recently updated his site with some exceptional typographic/illustrative work. Thanks for the note.

Richard Sarson

08 September 2009

Richard Sarson Art & Design updates. Thanks for the link.

Letra/Marco Balesteros

27 August 2009



There’s a good balance of style and simplicity in Marco’s work. Werkplaats and Letra

Mario Hugo

26 August 2009

Mario Hugo

Fantastic update of Mario Hugo.

Alex Trochut

18 August 2009

Alex Trochut

Update of the fabulous Alex Trochut.