Ondrej Jób

02 June 2008


Ondrej Jób is a graphic design student from Bratislava, Slovakia. Nice typography and design over at URTD.


31 May 2008


Gusto is the design partnership of Fanny Garcia & Jack Usine. Great attention to typography in all of their projects. Also, make sure you visit Jack’s personal type foundry, Smeltery, which offers a lot of beautiful free fonts.


24 May 2008


Really nice and clean work from Australia’s There.


YWFT are curating a poster gallery at typecon again this year. They are looking for your best poster work that has excellent usage of type on it. It can be the main focus, or minor. They will be displaying the best submissions and the poster show will most likely travel, like the last one did. There unfortunately doesn’t seem to be any prizes but it sure is good exposure.


22 May 2008



We also received word from French studio peter&wendy that they’ve just released their first limited edition poster called “Grotesque”. Flickr set here.


21 May 2008


onlab, one of my favorites, has added a few new projects. 


For those of you who like to design type, I recommend reading these: 

The Stroke: Theory of Writing by Gerrit Noordzij

“Starting from basic principles, Noordzij begins with the white space that creates definition by surrounding letters. Then, using simple geometrical concepts, he describes in minute detail how the strokes of writing can be formed. His theory serves to repair the split that grew up, with the invention of printing, between written and typographic letters.” (from Google Books)

The Letter Spirit by Doug Hofstadter, Gary McGraw and John Rehling

“The specific focus of Letter Spirit is the creative act of artistic letter-design. The aim is to model how the 26 lowercase letters of the roman alphabet can be rendered in many different but internally coherent styles. The program addresses two important aspects of letterforms: the categorical sameness possessed by letters belonging to a given category ( e.g., `a’) and the stylistic sameness possessed by letters belonging to a given style (e.g., Helvetica). Starting with one or more seed letters representing the beginnings of a style, the program will attempt to create the rest of the alphabet in such a way that all 26 letters share that same style, or spirit.” (download Gary McGraw’s thesis here)

In The Habit

16 May 2008

Hello everyone! My first post should definitely be In The Habit. Tiziana is an extremely talented Swiss designer who I often collaborate with. She has a lot of great work, so if you haven’t seen it, please take a look.


07 May 2008


Rob Lowe – great designer / illustrator / typographer from London.

Alex Trochut

23 April 2008