Metropolis Take Over

12 October 2009

Rich Soil sent over a brand new tee from their ever-growing apparel line. This shirt is a collaboration between Chuck Anderson and Joe King, entitled Metropolis Take Over. Available for purchase here.


01 September 2009

Freshjive is taking their logo and name off all products, website, and promotional materials (starting 2010). To learn more check out this interview with founder Rick Klotz.

Ellen Allien

04 August 2009


DJ/producer and more recently fashion designer, Ellen Allien, seems very busy traveling, playing and creating. As a popular and well respected performer, Ellen draws inspiration from the many cities she visits, resulting in her own fashion line under the same name. She recently launched her 2009 winter collection, featuring some rather understated splashes of color and graphics, mixed with interesting arrangements of denim. I’ve enjoyed her many releases, in particular her collaboration with Apparat and her mix for Fabric. It’s great to see artists that make that disciplinary cross-over of music and design, and often interesting to see how one influences the other.

Massimo Gammacurta

28 July 2009




Still life photography by Massimo Gammacurta

Paul Wagenblast

01 July 2009



Paul Wagenblast is a designer and visualist in Portland, OR.  Really impressed with how well his work translates across many different mediums.

Rich Soil

19 June 2009

Just received a tee in the mail from the new clothing line Rich Soil, started by Lamar Odom (LA Lakers) and creative director Jonathan Garcia. They have a talented bunch of artists on board, including Chuck Anderson, Mike Perry, and many more. Go take a look at their collection, for boys and girls…

Mona Kim

04 June 2009

So many nice projects… don’t know which ones to post!
Check out Mona Kim’s site

'Fold' by United Nude

'Fold' by United Nude

It is just a guess that mathematician August F. Möbius never foresaw his algebraic equation for the curious Mobius Strip, becoming an inspiration for the smart shoe designed by Rem D. Koolhaas, called ‘Fold’.

Found in the classic collection at United Nude, conceptually ‘Fold’ is the fluent movement of a single piece of elastic fabric. Anyone who appreciates wearing shoes will understand this translates into comfort beyond ones expectations.

The shoes mixture of elastic, PVC, carbon fiber, and occasionally rubber, allow it to bend while enclosing your foot inside a compact shape of lasting support.

It’s an ideal way to carry your feet in public. Alas it is only for women.

Ashi Dashi Socks

05 May 2009


Hi everyone. My name is Sean and I’m new to The Strange Attractor. Pete asked me to contribute about a week ago and I couldn’t be more excited!

Anyway, I thought I’d start off with a link to the Ashi Dashi Shop. Ever since high school I’ve loved crazy socks. I have no idea why I’ve had this obsession, but seriously how could you not want a pair of meat socks?!

On Pedder

30 April 2009





On Pedder is a fashion store in Hong Kong. They’ve been putting out a nice catalog called “Pedderzine.” The 5th and most recent zine (SP/SU 09) is based on the US $5 bill.