So it’s been a while since the last interview. It’s back, and have we got a great couple to feature.

Melissa & JW Buchanan are a husband and wife team, better known as The Little Friends of Printmaking. They’ve been together for over ten years, collaborating and creating some of the most striking posters on the market today. They’re style is profoundly unique and recognizable. Read on and find out how they met and work together.

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Dustin (UPSO) and Jemma Hostetler (née Gura) are a husband and wife team living and working in Toledo’s historic Old West End. Dustin, an illustrator and artist, curates and publishes a well known art magazine called Faesthetic. Jemma, an art director and designer, has been featured in numerous reviews and books, notably her projects under the moniker Prate.

Together they operate as Sans Nom, a multi-faceted design studio, while collaborating on a series of personal installments called Purpastoe. Read more about them after the break.

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Anna Wolf and Mike Perry hardly need an introduction. Both are prolific in their respective talents. Anna takes amazing photographs for fashion and lifestyle clients such as Urban Outfitters, MTV and more recently, Target. Mike is a graphic designer, art director and artist who has published two books about hand drawn type and patterns. Their work makes sense together, which is something I don’t see all too often. Together they understand the triumphs and difficulties of running a small business while giving each other complete support.

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Justine & Joel in their gallery, Cairo.

Joel Leshefka and Justine Ashbee are two Seattle artists behind Cairo, a small independent gallery providing a unique platform for upcoming visual artists and musicians. Joel, a photographer, also runs a vintage clothing boutique called Twenty Twenty, where he began curating shows. Justine’s work has been featured internationally including the ROJO gallery in Barcelona. Both artists share a similar aesthetic, a bond that provides support for each other and their respective creative endeavors.

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Creative Couples: Kat & Ben

08 December 2009

All photos by Colin Leaman

Kat Karnaky and Ben Peterson have been a couple for over ten years. Kat is a print designer for Anthropologie as well as a textile-printer and fashion designer. Ben is an amazing painter and–as I remember from a couple years ago–a great cook too. Both are graduates from the California College of the Arts, and they now live and work from a large converted building in the northern part of Philadelphia, PA.

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Carla & Aaron Osborn are a husband and wife, Brooklyn based, highly creative couple known as Osborn Design Studios. They’re often seen selling their fair-trade products from Guatemala or personal works at the Brooklyn Flea. Having very different styles they manage to collaborate and grow their new business together. As we’ve learned from our past interviews there’s an advantage to having your respective strengths’ and ways of working. Communication’s key, which is something Carla and Aaron strongly believe in.

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We continue our weekly interview series about creative couples, and their experiences balancing a professional and personal lifestyle under the same roof. This week’s creative couple is Sean Auyeung and Anna Corpron, a husband and wife super duo known as Sub-Studio, a multi-disciplinary art and design studio based in New York City.

From hand-printed stationary, collaborative illustration projects, jewelry design and their fantastic blog they’ve kept themselves pretty busy in their home in the East Village. They both come from architecture backgrounds, but bring their personal interests to play in their highly collaborative projects.

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Introducing a weekly interview series about creative couples, exploring their work, experiences, and what they have found to love about working with their significant other. We start off with Caleb and Hanahlie.

Caleb Beyers and Hanahlie Beise are a husband and wife team based in Vancouver, BC. Their collaborative work spans graphics, photography, installations, film/video, and interior/industrial design.  They work together producing gallery based work, and client-based work under the moniker “CASTE“. They share a small, alternately chaotic and organized space with their two spotted Bengal cats, Samson and Spartacus.

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