Bleepin’ Golden

07 July 2010



The great people over at Thirst are kind of obsessed with Chicago’s former governor. He’s like a train wreck you can’t look away from, or that obnoxiously cute kitten video with a billion hits. So they designed two shirts in his honor. Bleepin’ Golden commemorates these famous words “I’ve got this thing, and it’s bleepin’ golden,” and Blagito features the mugshot of Chicago’s bandit-of-the-moment – Blago in bandit wear.

They’ll be sold for $20 a piece for a limited time on thirstore
No matter how the trial turns out, we’ll always have Blago’s memorable words.

More Soon

13 April 2010




I first came across the motion work of Carl Burgess while watching the Universal Everything project Advanced Beauty. Carl has an interesting array of conceptual work on his website.


27 February 2010

Vancouver based Academy is the brains behind quite a bit of Nike work, including the hilarious Leroy Smith viral campaign.


18 December 2009


Ashi Dashi Socks

05 May 2009


Hi everyone. My name is Sean and I’m new to The Strange Attractor. Pete asked me to contribute about a week ago and I couldn’t be more excited!

Anyway, I thought I’d start off with a link to the Ashi Dashi Shop. Ever since high school I’ve loved crazy socks. I have no idea why I’ve had this obsession, but seriously how could you not want a pair of meat socks?!

Andreas Banderas

03 May 2009

Andreas Banderas from Oslo, Norway. Anything that has a cat with rollerblades on generally deserves a post.

Finally, The Mighty Boosh comes to America. You can now watch the third season on – current episode: Journey to the Centre of the Punk. Thank you Adult Swim! And thanks Nick, for the heads up.

Whether it’s him or not, hilarious.

Thief and Son

28 January 2009

Thief and Son, Contemporary Creatures I; installation at the Barbican Centre, London, UK. By Edith Garcia

Thief and Son