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Today Mark Pernice joins the ever growing TSA contributor list. I was first introduced to Mark through his ingenious photo booth mask, and later discovered, in addition to creating bizarre/hilarious art, he’s also an exceptional designer. He lives in Brooklyn. Welcome.

Pattern & Shape pics

24 March 2011

We’re trying to collect some images of folks wearing our Pattern & Shape t-shirts. If you bought a tee and have a spare moment, could you take a picture and send it to us?

Please email submissions to submit [at] thestrangeattractor.net. High res photos preferred.

While on the subject of the TSA shop, we’ve done a reprint of the bestseller from The Place I Live series by mcbess. Now available for purchase here. Enjoy.

Shiny new TSA

19 January 2011

Welcome to the all new TSA. We’re really excited to finally unveil what we’ve been up to over the past six weeks. Along with a design update, we’ve added some functionality and features. Here’s what’s new…

For a quick visual overview of posts, we’ve added the Grid. To switch between the Grid view and List view, toggle the icons in the top right of the site.

We’ve redesigned our Bookshelf and added a few new publications. We’re looking forward to building this feature and are currently accepting submissions.

Mailing List
For occasional TSA updates and news, please join the new Mailing List—located in the right column.

We’re continuing our artist photo journal series under the new name, Captured. Later today I’ll be posting the latest in this series featuring the talented Greg White. Stay tuned.

Creative Resources
In the right column we’ve implemented a series of dropdowns compiling some Creative Resources. You can also ‘view all’ by clicking the Resources link in the top right of the site. This list is ongoing and far from complete, submissions are very welcomed.

Thanks for everyone’s support and emails over the last several months. We’re looking forward to growing even more in 2011, with some cool new projects in the works.

TSA attacked

13 August 2010

You may have noticed, over the last week or so, an “attack site” warning message when trying to visit TSA. We were attacked by a hack that’s been plaquing the WordPress community. Luckily it did no harm and we’ve fully removed the malware from our site. The message might take another day or two to be removed from Google’s system, at which time we’ll be resuming normal posting.

Calling on Students

21 April 2010

As end of term approaches for many students out there, and since we tend to get a lot of student submissions, we thought we would curate a section here on TSA dedicated to upcoming graduates. If you are graduating soon and would like your work to be featured, please send us your name, school, url, graduation date, and a short bio about yourself. Needless to say, you must be in some creative field to apply, but this could extend to writing, performance, or other types of art you think would be an appropriate fit for TSA.

Please send entries to hello [at] thestrangeattractor.net

Looking forward to hearing from you!

We’re really happy to finally get our second collaborative project up and going. This one is entitled Pattern & Shape and consists of work from seven TSA contributors. The brief of the project was to design a t-shirt using a geometric shape and incorporating pattern. You can see the designs and read more about the project over at patternandshape.com.

To accompany the launch we built a mini site to display the shirts and purchase from. Big thank you to Matt Loseke for lending your masterful coding skills. It’s built with Sinatra and deployed on Heroku, more to come about that soon.

New Hire

09 February 2010

New addition to the ever-expanding TSA team: Rob Schellenberg. Welcome Rob.

Sale ends Sunday

08 October 2009

There’s a couple days left to take advantage of 33% off everything in our shop. All profit will be going towards an upcoming TSA project – thanks for the orders!

TSA Sale – 33% Off

11 September 2009

For a limited time we’re offering everything in our shop at 33% off. That equates to $12.50 per print (down from $19), all from our first poster series: “The Place I Live,” designed by the likes of McBess, Andrio Abero, Steve Rura… and a bunch of other great artists. Visit our storefront to see the full collection.

TSA Flickr: rock solid

01 September 2009

We’ve been getting a steady stream of great submissions to the TSA Flickr pool… figured I’d post a few up.