Augustine Kofie

04 February 2009

British graffiti artist Paul Curtis, otherwise known as Moose, creates art while blasting away at grit and grime from the walls of our filthy cities. Shot by filmmaker Doug Pray. Visit The Reverse Graffiti Project.

Olaf Breuning

21 November 2008




The strange and fascinating world of Olaf Breuning.

From Uruguay with love.

28 October 2008




Francisco Cunha a.k.a. Fran has emerged as one of the most talented
artists in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Click here to visit his site, and also here to check his flickr.


14 October 2008





Nathan over at Intercity got in touch today with some news about a new exhibition by Converse.

As part of the global PRODUCT RED project and in association with the Dondi White Foundation, “Converse have approached 100 artists, each to design a shoe. The project has just launched in the UK with an exhibition of some of the original artist shoes currently at Size? sneaker store in Carnaby Street. Some artists hand-painted their shoes as references for the production versions – and both instances of these (original and production shoes) are currently being shown at the exhibition.

Artists and designers include both established names and fresh talent – the likes of Jeremyville, Ben Drury, Chris Bettig, Lupe Fiasco, Grandpeople, Jeff Hamada, Gary Hume, Rostarr, and many more…”


Droog Design and Scott Burnham have assembled a team of some of the most innovative designers and architects from around the world to create 13 newly designed interventions, tools, toys and objects that are temporarily placed along a route on the central IJ-riverfront in Amsterdam.

See the making of and sad ending to the above project: Urban Play 2008 Sagmeister Inc.

More info on this series: ExperimentaDesign Amsterdam 2008

Oroma Elewa

I love this fashion portrait by Photographer Mike Schreiber. He has the gift of making anyone real.

If you meet Mike in person you can immediately tell he has a way with people. He is friendly, approachable and likeable. This is exactly how his pictures show his subjects. Even celebrities feel like they are just one of us.

Look through his website and you will see some familiar faces mixed in with those you’re sure you met just the other night.

His style makes any person feel familiar and that is what makes his photography… his; old school style.

Bob Parrington

13 September 2008


Type work by Bob Parrington. Also check out his briefcase video.

The Decapitator

26 August 2008



UK street artist, The Decapitator

Mark Jenkins

31 July 2008




Mark Jenkins does brilliant street and nature installations. The shot of the posed donkey street performer made me laugh – it’s an actual statue, not a guy in a suit. Quite amazing that you can get people to donate money to a statue of a man painted gold, wearing a donkey mask… See the video here.