Internet Phone

Not too into the open mic situation when using Skype? Nostalgic for the good ole’ days of land lines? Inspired by all the free James Bond movies showing lately in the On Demand section of digital cable? This internet phone is the ideal present for your cyber-saavy friends with the gift of gab (also a famous musician)… and its the perfect blue (also a famous anime).


It’s for you! Listen, VOIP technology is super awesome, letting you use your computer to keep in touch. But we’ve got just the thing: the Internet Phone, an old school styled phone receiver that conveniently plugs into the 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks on your computer.

This item is available at Urban Outfitters.

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Zeha Berlin Oxfords

For the men out there who dare to pick up clothing gifts for their female partner, the Zeha Berlin Oxfords are a beautifully designed classic. This is a mans oxford made for a woman. They have the feminine twist of gradient tone from grey into brown.

Imagine them with a Charles and Victoria draped pencil skirt, cotton wool blend tights and a geometric jacket by Naum. Accessorize with thick knitwear by Mischa Lampert so even the coolest winter day will feel cozy and bright.

You can purchase the Zeha Berlin Oxfords at LAMBSEAR Shoe Boutique in the hipster city Seattle for a significantly lower price than other boutiques.

MacBook EnvelopeMacBook Envelope Detail

How many people do you know with laptops now? How many take care of them? Why not help them along with this unisex, modern, well-crafted and low profile laptop case. While you’re at it pick one of for yourself because the price is right AND so is the style. It is also a green product.

Designed by a Brooklyn up and comer, Fern Fiddle Head (also a food), this MacBook “envelope” is a nice alternative to the other foam-like designs out there. It is available on Etsy (if you do not know what Etsy is yet then please follow the link and check it out as it is pretty much one of the coolest and most innovative communities to happen in this decade).

About this product:


Made from a green wool
Lined with green cotton
Padded with cotton fill for extra softness
Closes with a black hemp string twisted around two brown buttons


Spot clean recommended but can be machine washed in cool water, air dry
Iron as needed


This envelope is very sturdy
Seams are reinforced for extra strength


A second generation of unique iPod (5G iPod Video and 6G iPod Classic) cases by Tinbot.

New music from ’08. Here are a few of my favorites.


artist | Lykke Li
album | Youth Novels
song | I’m Good, I’m Gone

band site, wiki, amazon


artist | The Black Angels
album | Directions To See A Ghost
song | You On The Run

band site, wiki, amazon


artist | The Sea and Cake
album | Car Alarm
song | Car Alarm

band site, wiki, amazon


artist | The Futureheads
album | This Is Not The World
song | Everything’s Changing Today

band site, wiki, amazon


artist | Skyphone
album | Avellaneda
song | All Is Wood

band site, wiki, amazon


artist | MGMT
album | Oracular Spectacular
song | Kids

band site, wiki, amazon


artist | The Knux
album | Remind Me In 3 Days…
song | Cappuccino

band site, wiki, amazon


artist | Friendly Fires
album | self-titled
song | On Board

band site, wiki, amazon




To help our readers stuff their friends’ stockings this year, TSA is bringing you a weeklong series of posts on holiday gift ideas.

To start off I’m posting about a good friend of mine in Colorado, Jennifer Roberts, who runs a fantastic shop called Composition. It’s a storefront in the Belmar shopping center in Denver, though they also sell quite a lot of merchandise online through their nifty website. This is a great place to find some unique designer-friendly presents.