felt slippersfelt slippers

Slippers are a classic Christmas gift. Why not make them felt and fun! ‘Feltgoods‘ on Etsy out of Wabasha, Minnesota creates these Norwegian looking hand knit designs using worsted weight wool yarn. They are then felted in a vintage wringer washer.

Each pair is one-of-a-kind, soft, and warm for only $30.

Holiday Gift Guide: Ribcap

16 December 2008




Ribcap, an engineered line of stocking caps that instantly harden if you hit your head. Made in Switzerland, but you can find them on Amazon.


AFTERGLOW : Prints for for sale

Prints for PICA is a fundraiser, fueled by artists in the name of art. Every year artists convene, print, meet each-other, risk certain embarrassment, rise and fall, push around the ink, crank the presses, and create inspired work with a sense of immediacy and purpose both endearing and awe inspiring.

Now that the dust has settled, they have had the opportunity to take stock of what was created. Hundreds of prints came off the presses, and hundreds have been purchased by hungry collectors. Each is $100 and all of the proceeds go to support PICA’s artistic programming.

In fact, as you make your last minute purchases think of walking into a local gallery or shop and purchase work by your local artists. What you give this season matters.

Take a look at some of the inventory on Flickr, and send an email to vic [at] pica.org or call 503.242.1419 x225 if you are interested in purchasing a print. You can also come by and visit the PICA offices at 224 NW 13th Ave #305 Portland 97209 (located inside the Wieden+Kennedy building).

Viewing hours are as follows:
10 am – 6 pm Tuesday, December 16 though Thursday, December 18;
12 – 4 pm Friday, December 19 and Monday and Tuesday, December 22 – 23

For an additional $75 – $150 get your print matted, framed and wrapped in time for the holidays!


Just look at it. Does anything more need to be said?

Fuji’s instax photo system is the next generation of instant photography. Lightweight and compact, the stylish mini camera goes anywhere. Operation is easy – simply check the LED exposure indicator and press the shutter, a beautiful credit card-size instant color photo is ready in minutes – sharp and clear on Fuji instax film! Auto focus; auto flash; built-in lens cover. ( 5″w, 5″h, 2.5″d )
Insiders note:
EBay is not the worst place to pick up some Christmas gifts. The vendor ‘u-japan’ is selling the beautifully designed instant camera by Fuji for ‘Buy It Now’ prices starting at $65. The Fujifilm Instax Mini’s normal going retail price is around $130, so you can save a decent amount on this camera through this power seller with a 99.8% positive history.


Another fun product from SUCK UK. Holds roughly an hour of music; the length of an old C60 cassette, or 64MB. Pretty cool gift… and $20 isn’t bad!

$20 from Insound -Americas

£20 from SUCK UK – Europe

Flowing Rhythm

My family heritage comes from an island off the coast of Denmark called Funan, also the home of Hans Christian Andersen. To designers this medium sized island is most notably where the contemporary mobile began.

Mobiles originated in Denmark as a traditional craft. In 1954 they were reinterpreted and shown in a modern light by the “Uromager”, otherwise known as Christian Flensted. His nickname translates into something like “maker of things mischievous and always on the move”. Those wacky Danes (remember these are my people).

This abstract home decoration is an inspiration for adults and children alike. Gift givers seeking a unique and fun item that brings a new feel to any space and a smile to any face, will be thrilled to see the choices offered at Seattle boutique store, Eurostyle Your Life. They have a pretty decent number of Flensted mobiles.

Shown is “Flowing Rhythm”, created so that the elements are in constant motion while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance. Each mobile is carefully assembled, and balanced by skillful hands. They are packed so that they are ready to hang.  They also ship incredibly well.




One of the best gifts I’ve ever received, especially since I’m a big fan of taking photos with slide film, is this wall-mounted slide light by SUCK UK. Their site may be a good place for our overseas readers to buy it, though for anyone in America I’d recommend going to Generate. Lots of clever and attractive gifts can be found there.

baby hand soap

Disturbing…but really interesting, wash yourself with baby hands…

From A+R Store


laptop sweater081214-brightpinksweater.jpg

Laptops get cold during the holidays too… Sweaters are recycled to protect laptops.

From The Post Family


Holiday Gift Guide Part VII

13 December 2008

Inspired by Christine’s heavily hyperlinked internet phone post, I thought I would share a few things on my gift list this year. Some of this is wishful thinking (what blog-induced gift list isn’t, really?) other things are by talented friends who just happen to be selling a thing or two.


1. Reclaimed Paper Sketchbooks by Papergeist
Matt Normand has been creating these amazing sketchbooks and planners from reclaimed office paper and found LP covers. Each is unique and assembled with equal measures of wit and care.

2. Prints by Lab Partners
Ryan Mies and Sarah Labeniec both deserve full posts here (in due time!) – their work is tight and somehow they manage to make these super classy prints on the side. Check out the blog, too.

3. Anything from Tas-Ka
Much like Kiosk, but a bit less ironic. Most of the items for sale at Tas-Ka are Dutch vintage finds.

4. “Feast” Cookbook from Lines and Shapes Magazine
Besides design books, I buy cookbooks more than any other type of book. Some are more essential than others, but when it comes down to it, few cookbooks are really personal. “Feast” special edition is slipcased, signed and hand-numbered; 300 copies available.