The Office of Feltron

11 June 2009


Nicholas Felton has put out his new website showcasing much of his truly amazing work.

GOOD Magazine just uploaded a Flickr set of all their beautifully designed infographics from past issues. Nice little resource.

Gorgeous charts and graphs void of all meaning. Designed by Chad Hagen from Minneapolis – Nonsense Info Graphics Flickr set.


24 February 2009

Beautifully crafted icons from Stefan Dziallas.

Tyler Lang

24 November 2008


Tyler Lang updates with some new work and solid infographics.

Valentin Adam

05 August 2008

Valentin Adam

Valentin Adam is a french student in graphic design. His work of posters and typographic creations are simply impressive.


21 July 2008




Toko started in The Netherlands and is now based out of Sydney. These shots are from an annual report they designed. Here’s the description – [Client]: we don’t want an ordinary report! Can you make it more arty? So we did, literally. We turned the graphs into works of art. Every page displays a visual which can be read as a graph or seen as a work of art. Some of the graphs were also presented on actual canvas.