Design Has No Name

16 July 2009

DHNN out of Argentina just updated. Beautifully designed work and a great client list.

Dowling updates

13 July 2009

Dowling Design + Art Direction out of the UK updates.

Chad Kloepfer

13 July 2009


I’ve seen this work around town, popping up in the collectable graphic ephemera produced by the amazing Walker Art Center. What I like about Chad’s work is that he understands the skeletons of typefaces as a anthropologist would a fossilized mammal.

Zero 1,2,3

07 July 2009

Environmental and elemental art — large-scale and sky art — kinetic and technological art — random happenings and programmed events — multimedia and light shows: ZERO 1, 2, 3 documents the birth, more than ten years ago, of these new tendencies in international art. It collects in one volume the three publications created by the artists’ collaborative, Group Zero, between 1958 and 1961.


More images and insight here.

We received a note from an online bookshop that just opened up. sells a mixture of new and vintage design/art books – nice collection of rare and hard-to-find titles.

Xavier Barrade

02 July 2009

Xavier Barrade was recently in touch from Paris. He has some interesting work and was published in the new book Tangible, which we’ll soon be adding to the TSA library.

Sergio Alves

30 June 2009

Sergio Alves is a designer from Portugal with some nice work. Thanks for the link!


He contrasted African time to European time and also to Asian time. He said that in the 19th century, mankind had come to terms with space, and that the great question of the 20th was the coexistence of the different concepts of time.

-Sans soleil (1983)

I don’t encounter very much Japanese design on the web, especially design from the early 20th century. So much of Japan seems hidden. That being said, here’s an amazing collection of book and magazine covers from that era.

David Pearson

24 June 2009


Some beautiful, classic typographic book covers and jackets by David Pearson.


18 June 2009

João Oliveira, aka ONREPEAT, updates. Really really love this redesign of Gustave Flaubert’s book “Dictionary of Received Ideas.”