Anna Bodalikar

22 February 2010

Anna Bodalikar from London.

2009 Feltron Annual Report

26 January 2010

Eleonora Marton

16 December 2009


Eleonora Marton from Venice, Italy.

Fur Covered Classic

02 December 2009

The Wild Things by Dave Eggers, Fur-covered Edition.


27 November 2009

Balsamstudio is a small design firm based in Krakow, Poland. I especially like the clean web interface with arrow nav.

Rasmus Emanuel Svensson

13 November 2009

Rasmus Svensson recently updated.


05 November 2009

CCRZ is a studio based in Switzerland and Italy. They have a vast range of work from book design to identity, web, and environmental; all with that unmistakable Swiss design sensibility. Thanks for the email.


03 November 2009

Gorgeously photographed birds by Andrew Zuckerman for his new book, Bird.

Andy Miller updates

15 October 2009

Andy Miller wrote in letting us know about lots of new work up on his site. I’m especially loving his illustrations for The Indie Rock Coloring Book. Available at most major bookstores…

Absolute Sellout

09 October 2009


I am always fascinated by the ephemeral in American Design. A box of Crayons, Log Cabins, a can of Coke – we take them for granted. Don’t forget to wonder and marvel at all the great little things!

Absolute Sellout curates a small, limited quantity, collection of objects and literature for your purchase.