25 July 2008


This is a collection of essays from Wire looking back on the development of modern music in the 20th century. I just finished it on the plane. Really interesting. Cover design by Non-Format.

Xavier Antin

22 July 2008

Xavier Antin

For those who doesn’t know Xavier Antin , this parisian graphic designer have some excellents works.

Hey Ho

22 July 2008

Hey Ho

Julien Hourcade & Thomas Petitjean from Hey Ho have a great clean style.


21 July 2008




Toko started in The Netherlands and is now based out of Sydney. These shots are from an annual report they designed. Here’s the description – [Client]: we don’t want an ordinary report! Can you make it more arty? So we did, literally. We turned the graphs into works of art. Every page displays a visual which can be read as a graph or seen as a work of art. Some of the graphs were also presented on actual canvas.

Spike Press

16 July 2008

Spike Press

John Solimine of Spike Press talks about show posters and comic books in this great video presented by the Coudal Partners. John was commissioned as part of their Field-Tested Books project.


15 June 2008

Very interesting new book out by Charles Leadbeater called We-think: The Power of Mass Creativity. This animation briefly explains the premise. Pretty fascinating topic. Download the 1st three chapters for free here. For more on the author check out his TED talk on collaborative innovation.


14 June 2008


Great work and great site dy Danish design studio DesignBolaget.

Sorry, Out of Gas

12 June 2008



I recently read this book about 1970s alternative energy ideas. The content is very relevant today, plus it’s nicely designed with an illustrated story by Harriet Russell. Here’s a good review to check out.

 Bruno Munari 1



Just picked up this great little book on the xerox experiments of Italian designer, Bruno Munari. Looking through the pages, it only further convinces me that older technologies will always have a place in the process of making.


21 May 2008


onlab, one of my favorites, has added a few new projects.