Ivan Markovic

22 May 2009

Received a nice little email from Ivan Markovic, highlighting his recent project for Paris Calling – a Franco-British season of performing arts. His work is crisp; I’m especially loving the typographic poster shown above.

Heist Toronto

20 May 2009

Heist is a design boutique in Toronto started by twin brothers Sean and Colin Chow.

Amélie Doistau

14 May 2009

amelie doistau, samuel beckette

Hippy Shit Vol. 1

01 May 2009

Hippy Shit Vol. 1

Spread by Jez Burrows

Spread by Jez Burrows

Spread by Mike Perry

Spread by Mike Perry

Bryan Dalton and Alex Harris have recently put out what they call, an independently published psychedelic field trip, also known as Hippy Shit.
40 pages, offset on yellow French paper, and 16 top notch contributors.  Alex Bec, Mike Perry, Jez Burrows, Hort, etc.
It looks like they’ve already got plans for a series of prints this summer, as well as #2 in the Fall.  Looking forward.


25 April 2009

Baysan Yüksel

21 April 2009

Turkish artist Baysan Yüksel.


14 April 2009



I completed an interview with Byggstudio back in 2006 for a zine, but never published it. I feel like I owe them a bit so I present their work here. I hope you like their down-to-earth direction as much as I do.

IDEA Magazine 333

10 April 2009


Emil Ruder is one of my favorite designers..hands down. So when we got in these new IDEA Magazines at YouWorkForThem featuring his work, I got really excited. And with good reason. Issue 333 features not only page after page of Ruder’s work but also the philosophy behind Ruder’s pioneering typography. I think why this issue is important is that it presents a case for the design choices being made, something I see less and less of circling in the forefront of graphic design resources like image sites and published books; unfortunately the places a lot of students and young designers look to for guidance and inspiration.  Invest in this,  you won’t regret it.

Harsh Patel

31 March 2009



Either he owns a photocopy machine or he spends alot of money at Kinkos (as I do). Either way, there is a beautifully classic sophistication that emerges from Harsh‘s small books. Go have a look and say hello. Harsh Patel

Sara Elizabeth Berks

26 March 2009

Fantastic, clean work from Sara Elizabeth Berks. Thanks for the link!