Brandon Jan Blommaert

08 July 2009

Junk sculptures by Brandon Jan Blommaert from Canada. Flickr set here.

The Bear Cave

04 June 2009

The Bear Cave (Danny Miller and Mindy Ryu) sent us a note the other day with a link to their very nice portfolio. The above project was worked on with paper sculptor Jeff Nishinaka.

Alex McLeod

08 May 2009

Alex McLeod is a digital artist from Toronto. All these weird/beautiful landscapes are built using Cinema 4d.

Andreas Nicolas Fischer

02 March 2009

Andreas Nicolas Fischer is a Berlin-based artist. He works with data, sculpture and code.


04 February 2009



Zissou is a London-based CG artist who founded Supernatural Studios. The pieces above were created using high strength laser sintered resin.

Dan McPharlin

25 December 2008




Dan McPharlin builds miniature analog synths and audio equipment. All models are meticulously hand-crafted from cardboard. View the full set. For more on the process, and other projects he’s involved in, check out this interview.

Flowing Rhythm

My family heritage comes from an island off the coast of Denmark called Funan, also the home of Hans Christian Andersen. To designers this medium sized island is most notably where the contemporary mobile began.

Mobiles originated in Denmark as a traditional craft. In 1954 they were reinterpreted and shown in a modern light by the “Uromager”, otherwise known as Christian Flensted. His nickname translates into something like “maker of things mischievous and always on the move”. Those wacky Danes (remember these are my people).

This abstract home decoration is an inspiration for adults and children alike. Gift givers seeking a unique and fun item that brings a new feel to any space and a smile to any face, will be thrilled to see the choices offered at Seattle boutique store, Eurostyle Your Life. They have a pretty decent number of Flensted mobiles.

Shown is “Flowing Rhythm”, created so that the elements are in constant motion while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance. Each mobile is carefully assembled, and balanced by skillful hands. They are packed so that they are ready to hang.  They also ship incredibly well.


Sara Escamilla

10 November 2008




Sara Escamilla is a recent grad from the Art Center College of Design. She has a new series of papier maché & oil painted sculptures up on her site. Thanks for the link Sara!