New Paper

27 July 2010


I’m a recent fan of the fantastic iPhone app called Instapaper. When you surf the web and find articles that you don’t have time to read, you bookmark them with a little browser bookmarklet. The free iPhone app then loads it all up for you – like your own homemade newspaper.

May I suggest some places to bookmark interesting reads:

Legwork is a Berlin- and Hannover-based collaborative concerned with situational articulations and circulations of meaning, ranging from figurative to discursive.

“Six Prototypes for a Screensaver”, by David Reinfurt

The Sins of St. Paul, by Micheal Bierut

Interview with Dave Hickey in The Believer.

Andrea Wan interview

21 April 2010

Hearty Magazine just released their brand new cover and Featured Artist interview with Andrea Wan. Worth the read.


“…the salesman, once an unpredicted, unpredictable bolt from the blue of a life on the road, has been trapped behind a glass screen and reduced to padding along in an endlessly repetitive existence of cruel, unparalleled drudgery; i.e. ‘reality’. He can’t be ‘real’, though, because advertisers have trapped him in an ossified, glass-cage version of ‘reality’ that’s pre-recorded and set to loop hundreds of times a day, victimising these salt-of-the-earth types who work at Tesco, B&Q or Kwik Fit, or are excited to extol the benefits of a new chocolate bar or paste for sensitive teeth. They are robotic representations of our retired traveling salesman, and, through the way they ruin and mock their own claims on authenticity and reality by parrot-patter repetition, they bear an eerie resemblance to those wannabe-authentic, ‘social commentary’ guitar bands foisted upon us by a hopelessly cumbersome and unresponsive major label machine.”

A Look Back At The 00s: ‘Glo-fi’ And The Sadness Of The Advertised Man

Typography on the web

16 November 2009

Great article from idsgn which discusses the past, present, and hopeful future of typography on the web.

GOOD Magazine rethinks cities

29 September 2009


GOOD Magazine recently put out a set of information graphics showing how certain cities are utilizing new technologies to start doing things right.  A very interesting look at how these 8 different systems are working for their cities.

Cities & Traffic, Water & Education, Public Safety & Oil and Gas, and Health Care & Government.

Design work by Oliver Munday.

Logo Trends 09

20 May 2009

Logo Lounge releases their take on logo trends for 2009, written by Bill Gardner.

Candy Magazine – redesign

20 February 2009




Candy Magazine gets a makeover and the new issue is chock-full of great interviews and articles. Issue 11: For All Intents & Purposes features Jen Stark, Alex Trochut, Kim Høltermand, Chris Ro, Alex Gross, and many others.

Redesign was done by Keith Nally and Jamie Delaney at MakeItWorkDesign. Thanks for the note Keith!


I was bummed to hear today that The Designers Republic had to close it’s business on Tuesday, after nearly 23 years. Though it sounds like it may someday rise again – more from founder Ian Anderson over at Creative Review.

harper’scitynew york

surfacewiredPortland Monthly

For many reasons, this is an ideal year to help save peoples jobs!
There are hundreds of magazines out there. You can find a periodical for every personality type, and since the print publishing industry is badly hurting, you will be helping creative professionals (like designers, writers and photographers) stay employed.

The more subscriptions you purchase the more you are giving back. If you want to get even more specific with your support, you can subscribe to your local monthly, such as Portland Monthly.

Besides that just think, a magazine subscription keeps you in someone’s mind for an entire year!

Here are a few of my favorite commercial weekly and monthly’s:

For the news junkie: Harper’s Magazine $16.97 subscribe here.

For the stylish: City Magazine $18 subscribe here.

For the wannabe New Yorker: New York Magazine $19.97 subscribe here.

For high design: Surface $19.95 subscribe here.

For anyone (since this is about the best magazine on the market): Wired $18 subscribe here.

Christoph Niemann

24 September 2008


Christoph Niemann is an illustrator living in Berlin. His work has appeared on numerous New Yorker covers, The NY Times Magazine, Atlantic Monthly… He’s also the author of a couple of children’s books – his new one, “The Pet Dragon,” teaches kids about Chinese characters. On the side he writes for the NY Times Opinion Art Blog, Abstract City – which currently has a really great post on the artful design process of his new bathroom.