13 November 2009

Matte is a “lifestyle communications boutique” out of the Netherlands. Beautiful work, thanks for the email.


03 November 2009

Gorgeously photographed birds by Andrew Zuckerman for his new book, Bird.


28 September 2009

We received an email from Simon Renaud of Atelier Aquarium. They have a lot of interesting experimental typographic work on their site.


08 July 2009

We recently got a tip-off about Messy Msxi from Singapore. She’s a recent grad from Central Saint Martin, School of Arts and Design. I particularly love her series of illustrations entitled An Effort Most Futile (shown above).


08 June 2009

Jonny from Fluid Design got in touch to let us know about their web update. They’re based out of Birmingham.

Mona Kim

04 June 2009

So many nice projects… don’t know which ones to post!
Check out Mona Kim’s site

Gotta Moo

29 May 2009

For Narani Kannan’s final-year project at Ontario College of Art & Design, she designed and conceptualized an eco-friendly dairy product line called Gotta Moo. There’s so much I love about this project… every detail down to the “Sugarcane Bagasse molded pulp paper” has been carefully considered. She’s obviously on her way to being a design superstar. See more of her work on Behance.

Muti Randolph

27 March 2009




Amazing installations by Muti Randolph.

Piba Fiolence

10 March 2009



I recently met here in Buenos Aires fellow countrygirl (Uruguay!) Fio, and I do not know if she is first an artist and then a designer or vice versa, I just know that her artwork is really really appealing….
Check out her flickr.


23 February 2009

Gorgeous work sent in from Stanislav Sipovich – Prague, Czech Republic. Thanks for the link!