Chrome Web Lab

19 July 2012

Chrome Web Lab brings the magic of the internet into the physical world through 5 Chrome Experiments. Open to the world online. Live from the Science Museum, London.

This Exquisite Forest

19 July 2012

This Exquisite Forest is the latest project from the Google Data Arts Team. An interactive installation will open on July 23 at the Tate Modern, and you can start contributing online now. Read more on the official Google blog post.

The Rainbowmonkey

12 June 2012

Markus Hofko from New Zealand, aka Rainbowmonkey, just updated. Thanks for the email.

Emmanuel Plougoulm

30 April 2012

Emmanuel Plougoulm from Montreal. Thanks for the email.

Designer/director Karim Zariffa was recently tasked with a restaurant redesign, something he’s never done before. The project included a host of elements, including repurposed furniture, custom fixtures and a wild mirror installation in the bathroom. The results are amazing.

Mulheres Barbadas

01 April 2012

Mulheres Barbadas, aka the Bearded Ladies, are Henrique Lima and Julio Zukerman. Working together based in São Paulo since 2007, the illustration duo joined forces to fill empty spaces with monochromatic doodles.

Sheila Gallagher

11 March 2012

Sheila Gallagher makes paintings out of melted plastic and live flowers. Also check out her beautiful smoke drawings


23 January 2012

Elise Jones is a London-based artist combining photography with drawing and installation.

The Special Danger

03 October 2011

In The Special Danger Givan Lötz draws attention to conflated notions of Death, Sex, and Spirituality. Owing to a philosophical reading of the Ecstatic Experience, Lötz measures the ethics of Eroticism up against the aesthetics of Prohibition, suggesting a form of reasoning without boundaries. From Lötz’s perspective, without Prohibition there can be no transgression and therefore no Eroticism.

The ubiquitous relationship between proximity and promiscuity in relation to Eroticism and Prohibition is unpacked in The Special Danger, manifested in four interrelated pictorial concepts pertaining to birth, Sex, and Death. A fifth central sculptural concept is included and given the tentative and simultaneous role of the overseer and offender, also acting as an anchoring agent for the display of the entire narrative. In all, the five concepts include: The Ecstatic Experience, Death & Danger, Sex Death, Eroticism & Perversion, and Sacred Boundaries & Transgression.


05 July 2011

Cedric “Honet”, born in 1972, lives and works in Paris, France. When he’s not working for Prada or showing his paintings in the Speerstra Gallery, he practices graffiti as an act with “symbolic” nature, a day to day action. He joins a gothic illustration style, inspired mostly by his life, with a romantic exploration of abandoned, forgotten and hidden places.