27 November 2009

Balsamstudio is a small design firm based in Krakow, Poland. I especially like the clean web interface with arrow nav.

Shots asked us to do an ident for them , so Simon and I jumped on the occasion to do a second short promo for the dead pirates . It was done in 2 weeks at the Mill including writing of the script and the music , which explains the simplicity of the clip .


10 November 2009

I Draw All Day

I Draw All Day

IDRAWALLDAY aka Eric Smith updates with a fancy new custom Cargo and some really great work.


05 November 2009

CCRZ is a studio based in Switzerland and Italy. They have a vast range of work from book design to identity, web, and environmental; all with that unmistakable Swiss design sensibility. Thanks for the email.


13 October 2009



A few years back, I freelanced for Marco and Katherine at FDTdesign in New York. They have a new website since last time I checked, and are still producing nice, detail-oriented work.


01 October 2009

Face from Mexico.

The Platform

16 September 2009

Ryan Miglinczy from the UK. Thanks for the email.


01 September 2009

Freshjive is taking their logo and name off all products, website, and promotional materials (starting 2010). To learn more check out this interview with founder Rick Klotz.

Stefan Kanchev

25 August 2009


I love finding these old dudes that make you feel a little bit lazy. If Stefan Kanchev is not in the AGI, he should be. Really into the logos, hopefully you are too.


25 August 2009