Michael MacGarry

24 March 2010




Michael MacGarry’s exhibition, THIS IS YOUR WORLD IN WHICH WE GROW, AND WE WILL GROW TO HATE YOU, opened at Brodie/Stevenson a few weeks ago. What i’ll say here is that it is important and that it should be seen. Investigate this. Find this.

Alexa Meade

19 March 2010

This has been making the rounds on several blogs, but worth the post if you haven’t seen it. Alexa Meade creates her artwork by painting on the actual subject matter. Pretty wild idea, executed beautifully.

Inka Järvinen

11 March 2010

Inka is a Helsinki based graphic designer and illustrator. During the daytime she works at a design agency called Werklig and with her free time she does illustrations and participates in all kinds of projects.




Danish artist and designer Philip Dam Roadley-Battin

Julia Rosa Clark

03 February 2010
Julia Rosa Clark

Paradise Apparatus, a new solo exhibition by Julia Rosa Clark, opens tonight at Whatiftheworld Gallery. “This show concludes a trilogy that included the acclaimed Hypocrite’s Lament (2006) & Fever Jubilee (2007/8). Continuing her exploration of our intricate and fraught relationship with Nature, Paradise Apparatus explores the sensations and mysteries of chemistry, perception and colour as they relate to the search for fulfilment with references to aspects of science, alchemy, theatre-craft and art making.”

Drew Beckmeyer

03 February 2010

Drew Beckmeyer out of Santa Monica, California. Thanks for the email.

Carl Krull

19 January 2010

Danish artist Carl Krull (based in Copenhagen). His work is drawn, painted, and occasionally animated – especially neat seeing his process in the time lapse videos.

Mathew Cerletty

23 December 2009



Mathew Cerletty from New York.


16 December 2009




The work of Houston.

Claudia Doms

16 December 2009




Claudia Doms in Amsterdam. Via Manystuff.