The Dead Photos

27 May 2010

Above are a few photos from an in interesting project titled The Dead Photos


24 May 2010

Postmammal is the work of Robert Murdock, who is also a CCO at Method SF.

Sam Winston

20 May 2010

pg2 MUT. ency|jack




Amazing work by Sam Winston


16 April 2010

Them-And-Us 1

Them-And-Us 2

Paradise Lost


Them-And-Us is an initiative aimed at bringing together 20 European and 20 African visual artists, designers, illustrators and photographers. The project aims to explore the similarities and differences between first and third world views and aesthetics by pairing up artists from Europe with their African counterparts.

Through a series of 20 double sided posters, artists were invited to explore the notion of ‘Them–And–Us’ and the broader theme of tolerance (or intolerance).  Them–And–Us is curated by South African design studio, disturbance, Stockholm resident and graphic designer, Noel Pretorius and British designer/writer Adrian Shaughnessy who wrote and edited the accompanying publication.

More Soon

13 April 2010




I first came across the motion work of Carl Burgess while watching the Universal Everything project Advanced Beauty. Carl has an interesting array of conceptual work on his website.

Didier Blondeau

05 April 2010

Didier Blondeau from Marseille France sent in some of his surreal black and white drawings.

The Romanian Visual Survey is back with a 2009 roundup of 49 Romanian visual artists.



Designer and good friend Bud Rodecker never stops working. RichardDaily is Bud’s new creative project, which involves a strict personal deadline to create something new everyday. Bud also is a designer over at the great design collaborative 3st/Thirst based out of Chicago.


30 March 2010




Alva is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Lisbon.


28 March 2010

Gabriel Pulecio recently created these two new works, up on his flickr. The second image is “unfinished,” but quite nice as is.