Oliver Wasow

24 April 2008


Photographic artist from NYC. None of his work uses Photoshop, all is collaged, rephotographed, xeroxed, etc. This piece was used on Tortoise‘s fifth album, It’s All Around You.

Please note: this post was not entirely accurate, and has been clarified in the comments section. Thanks Oliver.


17 April 2008


Some seriously amazing animation. Be patient, it really gets going about half way through. Fantastic.

If you have any further info on this, the animator, maybe a translated version, or where I can buy 10,000 copies, let me know.

Marcel Dzama

01 April 2008


Marcel Dzama represented by the David Zwirner Gallery in New York.

Mint Condition

01 April 2008

Good things happening at I Am Mint Condition, aka Travis Stearns.

Eva Eun-Sil HAN

30 March 2008


Mixed media by Korean artist Eva Eun-Sil HAN.

Kawano Takeshi

21 March 2008


Artist site here. Via ffffound!


20 March 2008


Paper collage from Norwegian visual artist and musician Are Mokkelbost.

Matthieu Bessudo

18 March 2008



Matthieu Bessudo and/or mcBess.

He directed Sigg Jones and he’s 23. Jerk.

Paper cutout sculptures

11 March 2008


This is everywhere, but for those who haven’t seen it, Peter Callesen deserves a post. Check out his large scale installations.

Creativity in education

06 March 2008

Ken Robinson at TED gives a humorous and convincing talk about the importance of creativity in education.

If you didn’t know about TED, it’s really worth checking out. “Inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers”.