Fiona Banner

23 May 2008


British artist Fiona Banner explores the limits and possibilities of language in text-based drawings, sculptures and installations. Best known for her laborious, handwritten descriptions of war films and epics such as Lawrence of Arabia, Banner has also used the art-historical genre of the nude to explore issues of violence, vulnerability and voyeurism; and has used sculptures of punctuation to investigate breakdowns and gaps in communication. – Excerpt from Artinfo interview, 2006.

William Lamson

22 May 2008


Brooklyn based artist William Lamson.
funny + brilliant stunt.


21 May 2008


onlab, one of my favorites, has added a few new projects. 

Xavier Veilhan

21 May 2008

Xavier Veilhan

Impressive work by the french artist Xavier Veilhan

Visionaire 53 Sound

18 May 2008

Visionaire 53 Sound

Visionaire is a limited edition, multi-format publication, exploring fashion, music and art, featuring emerging artists from around the world. Their latest release features over a hundred sound pieces by David Byrne, Cat Power, Christian Marclay, Spank Rock, Miranda July, DNTEL and more. Packaged in a dome case, each issue includes a MINI Clubman record player that drives along the vinyl surface.

Lawrence Weiner

15 May 2008


New short film out by Hillman Curtis on Lawrence Weiner, a central figure of conceptual art, in his Greenwich Village Studio. Part of their New Artists Series. View here.

Andrew Holder

12 May 2008


Andrew Holder from California.

Kyoko Masutani

10 May 2008

Short documentary about Japanese artist Kyoko Masutani and her recent work.


06 May 2008


Barbafactory – design and factory.

Daniel Dociu

28 April 2008


Daniel Dociu is chief art director for ArenaNet, who does video game design for Guild Wars among others. This is some of his concept art.

Discovered through BLDGBLOG where there’s an in-depth interview with the artist.