The Few Gallery updates

14 April 2009

Lots of new artists are being featured at The Few Gallery. Especially like the new work (above) from Micah Lidberg and Mar Hernández.

Anonima Group

14 April 2009


“The American artist collaborative, Anonima Group, was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1960 by Ernst Benkert, Francis Hewitt and Ed Mieczkowski. Propelled by their rejection of the cult of the individual ego and automatic style of the Abstract Expressionists, the artists worked collaboratively on grid-based, spatially fluctuating drawings and paintings that were precise investigations of the scientific phenomena and psychology of optical perception. The work was accompanied by writings: proposals, projects and manifestos – socialist in nature – which the artists considered essential to the experience and understanding of their work.”

Some very interesting works that I highly recommend checking out.


Another impressive contact of mine on Flickr brings some abstract globes, totemic columns, and supernatural rock quarries to my attention regularly. Check out Push the Button, add them as your contact.

Bela Borsodi

02 April 2009

While on the topic of object collage… really sexy placement of things and art by Bela Borsodi.

The Company of People

02 April 2009



Broad selection of works by artists over at Company of People. Really like the idea of taking collage outside of cut paper and arranging people/objects in the way that a film director (such as Fellini) would. Going into the beyond

Chris Wright

30 March 2009



Chris Wright: “I paint through direct observation of everyday, commonplace objects that have a peculiar purpose or a purpose that is telling of an aspect of our culture.”

via the new shelton wet/dry


30 March 2009

Kristian Mercado is a designer from NYC, and a Cut & Paste finalist.

Deke Smith

29 March 2009

Nice illustration work from Deke Smith, Burlington, Vermont.

Keeping an archive of images is a difficult thing to do, but it was the only way up until a few years ago. Dug these up, gettin weird…



Karl Grandin

19 March 2009

Some new work up by Karl Grandin.