Simon Henwood

18 August 2008

roisin.jpg taught.jpg 
The work of artist Simon Henwood 

Eve Duhamel

23 June 2008



Gorgeous paintings and illustrations by Montréal based Eve Duhamel. Her new site is up and running… thanks for the link Eve!

Jan-Henri Booyens

10 June 2008

Jan-Henri Booyens

The Matt Sparkle, a solo exhibition by Jan-Henri Booyens, opens this week in Johannesburg.

the Jean Spezial

09 June 2008


yay my first post !

I wanted it to be special , so here you go , those guys are so special …
This is a collective of french illustrators , they’ve got a new website wich is really cool so have a look at their AMAZING work HERE

I hope you enjoy

Aaron Osborn

29 May 2008

Aaron Osborn

Beautiful work from Brooklyn artist Aaron Osborn, presenting new works at a new Seattle gallery called Cairo. Opening reception June 7, 6-10pm at 507 E. Mercer St.

Mores McWreath

28 May 2008


Mores McWreath makes some great artwork.

Kyoko Masutani

10 May 2008

Short documentary about Japanese artist Kyoko Masutani and her recent work.

Mimiyo Tomozawa

09 May 2008


Mimiyo Tomozawa is big in the underground Japanese comic world, but is probably best known by people like me for designing a couple of album covers for Jim O’Rourke. I think her work is hilarious. Some equally strange music from her band Dokidoki can be found here.

Dino Valls

02 March 2008


Seriously bizarre and talented Russian painter. Don’t know much about him but this work is amazing.