Roberto Bernardi

02 January 2009


This guy has got to be slightly insane. Oil on canvas, wtf, wow.

Christopher Wool

19 December 2008





Nice collection of work from Christopher Wool.


AFTERGLOW : Prints for for sale

Prints for PICA is a fundraiser, fueled by artists in the name of art. Every year artists convene, print, meet each-other, risk certain embarrassment, rise and fall, push around the ink, crank the presses, and create inspired work with a sense of immediacy and purpose both endearing and awe inspiring.

Now that the dust has settled, they have had the opportunity to take stock of what was created. Hundreds of prints came off the presses, and hundreds have been purchased by hungry collectors. Each is $100 and all of the proceeds go to support PICA’s artistic programming.

In fact, as you make your last minute purchases think of walking into a local gallery or shop and purchase work by your local artists. What you give this season matters.

Take a look at some of the inventory on Flickr, and send an email to vic [at] or call 503.242.1419 x225 if you are interested in purchasing a print. You can also come by and visit the PICA offices at 224 NW 13th Ave #305 Portland 97209 (located inside the Wieden+Kennedy building).

Viewing hours are as follows:
10 am – 6 pm Tuesday, December 16 though Thursday, December 18;
12 – 4 pm Friday, December 19 and Monday and Tuesday, December 22 – 23

For an additional $75 – $150 get your print matted, framed and wrapped in time for the holidays!

King Trash

07 December 2008


I love when people are both talented and intelligent.
Do not miss Micheael Deforge´s Portfolio, and his LiveJournal where you can follow his new drawings!

John Lurie

19 October 2008

Tal R

11 October 2008

“Painting is a zombie medium. As a painter you are a little bit like a guy showing up in a tiger suit at a techno party. So your dress code is outdated, but you might still have the best moves on the dance floor.”

Nice works from Tal R. Check out his new zine at Nieves.


30 September 2008





Nice book on feminist painters Lee Lozano, Sylvia Plimack Mangold, and Joan Semmel. Designed by 2×4.

Chris Crites

28 September 2008

Chris Crites paints beautiful work on paper bags. He has a joint show with fellow Seattle artist Robert Hardgrave coming up at The Life in Portland, OR on October 2nd.

Bag PainterBag PainterBag Painter

Painting with wine

13 September 2008


Marcelo Daldoce paints with wine.

Juan Francisco Casas

24 August 2008

juanfranciscocasas.jpg juanfranciscocasas21.jpg

The detailed and intimate art of Juan Francisco Casas