Jorge Colombo drew the latest cover of The New Yorker using the iPhone app Brushes. Pretty darn good, considering. New Yorker article with video here. Via CR.

Maya Hayuk

11 May 2009


Whirling colors smash into dangling foliage. Maya Hayuk is amazing. I recommend looking through her older work too if you aren’t familiar. She also has a book out through Upper Playground, available here.

Amy Bennett

06 May 2009

Amy Bennett

Really amazing paintings of Amy Bennett.

Baysan Yüksel

21 April 2009

Turkish artist Baysan Yüksel.

Anonima Group

14 April 2009


“The American artist collaborative, Anonima Group, was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1960 by Ernst Benkert, Francis Hewitt and Ed Mieczkowski. Propelled by their rejection of the cult of the individual ego and automatic style of the Abstract Expressionists, the artists worked collaboratively on grid-based, spatially fluctuating drawings and paintings that were precise investigations of the scientific phenomena and psychology of optical perception. The work was accompanied by writings: proposals, projects and manifestos – socialist in nature – which the artists considered essential to the experience and understanding of their work.”

Some very interesting works that I highly recommend checking out.

Chris Wright

30 March 2009



Chris Wright: “I paint through direct observation of everyday, commonplace objects that have a peculiar purpose or a purpose that is telling of an aspect of our culture.”

via the new shelton wet/dry

Piba Fiolence

10 March 2009



I recently met here in Buenos Aires fellow countrygirl (Uruguay!) Fio, and I do not know if she is first an artist and then a designer or vice versa, I just know that her artwork is really really appealing….
Check out her flickr.


11 February 2009


Todesign got in touch today from Italy with some nifty interior wall design. Thanks for the email!

James Meyer, Culture Hero 2, 2008, Ink and gesso on paper, 30 x 44 inches

Culture Hero“, a solo exhibition of paintings and works on paper by veteran artist James Meyer opens, Thursday January 8 in New York City at the Morgan Lehman Gallery in the Chelsea arts district. It is not to be missed.

A unique body of work, the “Culture Hero” exhibit features pieces in black and white that are reminiscent of constellations in space. Imagine lying on a hill one dark evening staring into the stars and you see a boy crying, then another child shushing you and yet another, balancing on a rope.

Emotions work in complex ways that as adults we often fail to acknowledge. The open hearts of children frequently show us how precious every instinctive state of mind is. They also show us the joy in being. This presentation of seemingly simple content is in actuality revealing of the challenges of being an adult in todays culture. We all need a hero, why not our own inner child?

For more information and images from the exhibition, please visit :

Jacob Arden McClure

03 January 2009




Very talented Jacob Arden McClure from San Francisco. Self-taught designer, painter, sculptor and film producer.