Why all of us creatives seem to be joining the Obama front…. NYT article here.

Above: poster art from Xtrapop.


“Al Gore yesterday launched a drive to mobilise 10 million volunteers to force politicians to act on climate change – twice as many as the number who marched against the Vietnam war…”

Can’t deny his optimism. Read the full article here.

Chinese censorship

19 March 2008


China has the most sophisticated internet censoring system of any nation in the world. And they’re getting reamed for it in the media right now, of course not in their own probably. If you type “Tibet riots” into Google in China, you get an error message.

Great speech from a man of conviction and character.

Transcript here. Written entirely by him, which hasn’t been the case with any speech by any president or candidate since 1969.

Canada for Obama

02 March 2008


Arcade Fire will be playing a series of shows in Ohio to support Obama’s bid for presidential nomination. More here.