25 July 2008


This is a collection of essays from Wire looking back on the development of modern music in the 20th century. I just finished it on the plane. Really interesting. Cover design by Non-Format.

Swede pop

19 July 2008


Recently been getting into this catchy pop record by Stockholm’s Andreas Kleerup. This is his solo debut, Kleerup. Besides having cool hair, he’s worked along side and produced for Robyn, Peter Bjorn and John, and is a member of the electropop trio the Meat Boys. Wiki.



New Radiohead video, which uses no cameras. Instead they used a 3D technology some researchers at UCLA have been developing, that collects information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The screenshot above is from the interactive version of the video, and here’s the making of.


12 July 2008



I’m sure most everyone’s heard Mouse On Mars before, but being a favorite, I though I’d post up a couple tracks. These guys have been around since 94, comprised of German duo Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma. Their live set is amazing, performing as a full band with drummer Dodo Nkishi rocking a giant afro with headphones who absolutely doesn’t miss a beat.

Their site seems to be down right now, but here’s their label page.

Niun Niggung – Disk Dusk

Radical Connector – Wipe That Sound

Wyeth Hansen

09 July 2008



Cool work from Brooklyn-based Wyeth Hansen. Be sure to check out his motion graphics. He has some nice videos for The Rapture and Mobius Band. I especially like the AIGA Move 3 videos. 

Techno Tree

07 July 2008

techno tree

A family tree of techno illustrated by the amazing Si Scott. To be released on the music inspired fashion label Electronic Poet.

Ice Cream Creatures

27 June 2008


My friend Anthony is making new music in Austin, so be on the lookout for FM Campers. Ice Cream Creatures is a sample of his previous electronic-influenced stuff.


Here’s a bit of Talking Heads right before they signed to Sire, the earliest known recording of them. They were tight as hell even then. There’s a quote from Village Voice right around this time which referred to David Byrne as a “skinny, neurasthenic Roy Orbison with the voice of a psychotic fifteen-year-old and he isn’t even fifteen.”

With Our Love

Warning Sign

Mario Hugo

19 June 2008


I just noticed that Mario Hugo has a few updates. Take a look at his really nice concept work for Beck’s new album. Why weren’t these chosen??? 


18 June 2008

Johnny and Thom play “The Rip” by Portishead.  (LGT original with a splendidly animated video.)