Paul Humphrey and Cut Chemist jam session.

From a series of films called Keepintime. Latest release and more info here.

Danielle van Ark

25 March 2008



Danielle van Ark photographs musicians backstage right after a show, capturing them “as pure as possible, before they start thinking about their image again.” … and somewhat annoyed looking.


20 March 2008


New record out from some friends of ours, available on iTunes and through their label’s site.

“Dumbo Wins Again”

“Junior Grows Up”


20 March 2008


Paper collage from Norwegian visual artist and musician Are Mokkelbost.

Mat Maitland

13 March 2008



Mat Maitland is an Art Director at Big Active. He’s got quite a collection of incredible work from books to album covers. See more of his prints, among some other really nice work, at ProductOfGod.

Björk: Wanderlust

11 March 2008


New video from Björk soon to be released for her song Wanderlust. Produced by UVPH and directed by Encyclopedia Pictura.

More over at Feed.




“To promote their colorful spring and summer collections, Gap enlisted Chris Do and the Blind team to create a video for Danish post-punk duo Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo, better known as The Raveonettes. With only three weeks to conceive and complete the project, the team executed an edgy and elegant exploration of the contradictory forces that black and white represent.”

Watch video.

Story boards and behind the scenes look here. More also at the Gap site: The Sound of Color.

04 March 2008


Pitchfork will be introducing their own online station April 7th. Exciting news.

Canada for Obama

02 March 2008


Arcade Fire will be playing a series of shows in Ohio to support Obama’s bid for presidential nomination. More here.


27 February 2008

Good old video from Blur by Shynola. Drawn by David Shrigley.