Some pretty awesome news just surfaced about this fall’s All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in New York. 1st is that it’s being curated by My Bloody Valentine, their first show in the US in 16 years. 2nd is that the rest of the lineup is stellar as well.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, April 25th at the ATP site. Only 3000 available.

Steve Albini interview

23 April 2008


Great interview from TSOYA with Steve Albini (responsible for arguably the best production in music – i.e. Nirvana, Pixies, Don Caballero, etc). Kind of long, but really worth the listen.

Here’s an excerpt:

“There was one really industrious fellow who collected a jar with his phlegm, and saturated a brick with it, and threw the brick at me.”

And if you’re interested to read about the process in which major labels rape the music industry, check out this poignant article by Albini: “The Problem With Music“.

Gnarls Barkley site

18 April 2008


New Gnarls Barkley site up from ROKKAN.


16 April 2008


Plone is an electronic 3-piece from Birmingham, England. This was their first and only official album called For Beginner Piano released in 1999 on Warp Records.

Plone – Marbles

Plone – Be Rude To Your School

Man Man

08 April 2008


As a follow up to the Ghosty record posted a few weeks ago, we thought we’d continue to share some music we like. Man Man is a band out of Philadelphia. For more info on these guys check out: Pitchfork documentary, band site, Wikipedia article.

Artist: Man Man
Album: The Man In A Blue Turban With A Face
Song: The Fog or China

Internet bears fruit

07 April 2008

pitchforktv_debut.jpg beta debuted a few hours ago. Exclusive performances by Radiohead, Liars, Jay Reatard, the Pixies’ 2004 reunion tour film LoudQuietLoud, the making of Man Man’s new LP, and a library of over 150 music videos – all viewable on a huge, crisp, hi-res display. With a super friendly and slick interface to boot.


Looking forward to the launch coming April 7. Recently added to their lineup for the debut is an exclusive performance by Radiohead. Read more here.


Wanderlust is finally here, via Motionographer. Making of here.

Look at me Design

26 March 2008



Tasty colors from Sara Haraigue, Paris.

Huoratron/$$ Troopers

26 March 2008


Badass video from Finnish artist Aku Raski, aka Huoratron. Creates the majority of his music with 2 modified Nintendo Gameboys. High quality video here.