18 May 2008


Zip is a multidisciplinary studio from London. They recently updated their site.

A Priceless Way

16 May 2008


Hello everyone. My first post is about my old studio mates back home. A Priceless Way is a Seattle based clothing label co-owned and operated by Taiwanese siblings Ted and Sylvia Chen. Not only are they talented designers they also produce music under the moniker The Long Ranger


16 May 2008


oh diamond diamond thou little knowest the mischief thou hast done.
watch the music video from NODERN (big / small)
a music artist in a league of his own.

Von Südenfed

10 May 2008


Von Südenfed is a collaborative project between Mouse On Mars and Mark E Smith, the lead singer from The Fall. This is their 1st album – Tromantic Reflexxions.

Fledermaus Can’t Get It

Mimiyo Tomozawa

09 May 2008


Mimiyo Tomozawa is big in the underground Japanese comic world, but is probably best known by people like me for designing a couple of album covers for Jim O’Rourke. I think her work is hilarious. Some equally strange music from her band Dokidoki can be found here.

New Stereolab video

06 May 2008

New Stereolab video for the track ‘Three Women’, from their upcoming album Chemical Chords.


01 May 2008


Supper was Bill Callahan’s 11th proper album as Smog. Here’s a track.

Our Anniversary


24 April 2008


24 April 2008


Cornelius is Keigo Oyamada from Tokyo. This is his tenth album entitled Sensuous. Their live set for this tour was rad-ical. See video.

Cornelius – Beep It