Five Easy Pieces Tee

07 July 2013


Limited edition, hand-screened tees by electronic music record label Five Easy Pieces. Shirts feature artwork from their latest release by Tropics. Purchase includes a copy of the EP free of charge. Designed by Ross Gunter and Chris Ward.

23 March – 11 August 2013

The V&A has been given unprecedented access to the David Bowie Archive to curate the first international retrospective of his extraordinary career. David Bowie Is will showcase more than 300 objects, such as handwritten lyrics, original costumes, film, set designs and instruments – exploring Bowie’s perpetual self-reinvention over five decades and tracing his history as one of the most pioneering cultural icons of modern times.

Based on advance ticket sales, the exhibit is set to be the most successful show in the museum’s 161-year history.

Bowie’s first album in a decade, The Next Day is being released on March 11th.

This month our friends at The Mixtape Club turn 3 and have released a selection of 10 mixtapes for your listening and download pleasure.

Pinchy & Friends

23 April 2012

Pinchy & Friends is a mixtape site headed by Pinchy Don (director Tom Kuntz) featuring mixes by an eclectic group of contributors from a variety of creative fields.

There will be an inaugural celebration in honor of the site on Wednesday, 25 April in Los Angeles. Many of the contributors will be on hand supplying delicious sonic treats.

Hyperion Tavern
1941 Hyperion Avenue
LA, CA 90027

Today our friends over at The Mixtape Club will host episode 005 of their Pirate Radio broadcast live from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Music starts at 23:30 GMT.

Tune in via your browser, iTunes or mobile.

Childhood of a Circle

25 March 2012

Beautiful short film directed and animated by Kadavre Exquis, with sound design by John Kassab. Also checkout some of the pretty neat landscape design I and II, as well as Exquis’ original soundtrack.

26 October 2011 visualizes the first Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suites. Using the math behind string length and pitch, it came from a simple idea: what if all the notes were drawn as strings? Instead of a stream of classical notation on a page, this interactive project highlights the music’s underlying structure and subtle shifts.” —Alexander Chen

Reverse Büro

16 August 2011

Reverse Büro is the studio of Loïc Dupasquier, art director/designer from Switzerland.


05 June 2011

dirtyblackdisco is a curated music blog that runs the gamut of dance music & beyond.


12 May 2011

Chris Milk and the Google Data Arts Team launch their latest interactive music video: 3 Dreams of Black for the album Rome by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi. A must see.