Dean Kamen shows off his insanely cool water purifying machine on the Colbert Report.

Chinese censorship

19 March 2008


China has the most sophisticated internet censoring system of any nation in the world. And they’re getting reamed for it in the media right now, of course not in their own probably. If you type “Tibet riots” into Google in China, you get an error message.

Great speech from a man of conviction and character.

Transcript here. Written entirely by him, which hasn’t been the case with any speech by any president or candidate since 1969.


Another article on how things are actually worse than we think. From The Washington Post.

Is it just me or does every ‘new study’ about global warming make our future seem more and more bleak…

Creativity in education

06 March 2008

Ken Robinson at TED gives a humorous and convincing talk about the importance of creativity in education.

If you didn’t know about TED, it’s really worth checking out. “Inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers”.

Devil’s Pool

06 March 2008

“…Swimming at the Devil’s Pool, a natural rock pool at the very top of the Victoria Falls, at Zimbabwe, with a height of about 100 metres.”

Check out more pics and vids of the insanity.


This is a shot of what is soon to be downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The city will include the world’s tallest skyscraper, tallest hotel, and a 6.5 million square foot mall. There’s also plans to build an archipelago of 300 islands in the shape of a world map just off the coast. Holy Allah!