Not For Commercial Use

03 April 2008


A couple blokes from London are giving away posters. It’s part of a project called Not For Commercial Use. Get the details at Creative Review. Short film / time lapse.


Short documentary just released by Hillman Curtis about Stefan Sagmeister. All their other films can be seen here.


Wanderlust is finally here, via Motionographer. Making of here.

Huoratron/$$ Troopers

26 March 2008


Badass video from Finnish artist Aku Raski, aka Huoratron. Creates the majority of his music with 2 modified Nintendo Gameboys. High quality video here.

Paul Humphrey and Cut Chemist jam session.

From a series of films called Keepintime. Latest release and more info here.

Pixar: live-action

19 March 2008


Brad Bird, director of Ratatouille and The Iron Giant, is staged to start filming his first live-action film with Disney/Pixar and Warner Bros called 1906. The movie is based on the Great Earthquake of 1906 which hit San Francisco. More here.

Speed Racer

16 March 2008



This looks like it could either be great or absolutely terrible. Nice colors though.


12 March 2008



New hi-res trailer for WALL•E over at Apple trailers.

Tropic Thunder

05 March 2008


New Ben Stiller movie has Robert Downey Jr… as black man?


05 March 2008

Submission to a Japanese animation contest. This was animated using gypsum replacements – every frame is actually an entirely seperate model from the last.